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Popup and Lightbox

The following example shows how to display a video in a popup window or a lightbox. Click the links below, to show both variants.

Show in lightbox

Show in window

The example uses the following three tags:

{flv divid="popupexample" popup="true" autostart="true"}Segeln-20070428-Start{/flv}
{avrpopup type="lightbox" id="popupexample"}Show in lightbox{/avrpopup}
{avrpopup type="window" id="popupexample"}Show in window{/avrpopup}

The first tag defines the actual video, assigns the id popupexample to it and prepares it to be displayed as a popup. The following two tags each reference that video by it's id and show it using different display types. If you take a look at the generated HTML code of the avrpopup tags, then you can see, that these are ordinary links, which define an onlick JavaScript handler like this one:

AvrPopup(event, 'popupexample', 'window');

The second argument of that handler specifies the ID of the video to show and the third parameter can be either 'window' or 'lightbox'. So if you want to trigger a popup or a lightbox from a menu entry for example, you also could use the plain JavaScript to achieve this.

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